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Who we are

We are a collective of groundbreaking artists and craftspeople who have brought innovation to our industries through our unique concepts, technique, and business acumen.

Our Goal

We believe that learning comes from doing. We'll bring you into the intimate world of our artists as you create step by step with them through our in depth tutorials that lead to the completion of a project. You'll have access to their invaluable time tested techniques and workarounds that only the most experienced artists could pass onto you, delivered in digestible videos.

Our Artists

Gregory Weir Quiton

Gregory Weir-Quiton has over 60 years of experience - with 40 years in fashion illustration, and 20 years in entertainment illustration. His experience in Hollywood and the Los Angeles fashion industry gives him unique perspective that he shares with those around him.

Etta Shon

A native Californian, Etta Shon is the founder of Etta Shon Arts, an experiential agency delivering interactive, highly personal, live visual experiences for luxury events through the melding of art and technology.

Stephen Gaffney

Stephen Gaffney has been a professor of life drawing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City for 30 years. His teachings are grounded in classical techniques with a strong nod to old Master drawings.

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Latest RealTalk

RealTalk with Gregory Weir-Quiton and Joan Quinn

Joan Quinn interviews fashion illustration legend Gregory Weir-Quiton in 2003. Gregory talks about the beginnings of his career in LA, his 10 years with Bullocks Wilshire, and the eventual takeover of fashion photography over illustration.

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“Artifelle is a learning platform in the visual mediums with co creation at the core, lead by industry innovators. Our tutorials are designed to be accessible to novices as well as pros to help you level up in your skillset.”

– Etta Shon, Founder

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